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Many people dream of becoming a doctor or a surgeon. But when Abdullah Sharief was in med school, he had another dream: he wanted to own a mobile auto steam detailing business. You might just call him Dr. McSteamy.

“I grew up in Saudi Arabia and after high school I wanted to start the business: get a truck, get the steamer and start doing mobile detailing,” says Abdullah, now a co-founder of Panda, one of Canada’s top mobile auto washing and detailing businesses. “I ended up going to Turkey for med school but I’ve always had this business mindset. I always wanted to launch a business.”

After coming to Canada, Abdullah’s dream was finally realized when he launched his own mobile auto detailing business with just a $600 investment, and started getting bookings right away. It quickly grew to a dozen employees in just a few months.

“It was very, very successful,” says Abdullah. “I started running ads, getting clients, getting bookings.

“We were initially three people, we grew to 12 employees in total and we got a shop.”

Then, Abdullah met Reza Ahmadi, and things really started taking off.

Reza didn’t know much about auto detailing, but he did know business, and he saw the potential in the mobile car detailing space.

The two hit it off right away, and that synergy led to the creation of Panda.

Reza saw big potential in the carwashing and detailing industry. Though the industry in Canada is worth billions, no one has stepped in to take a corporate approach, he says.

“(It’s) very fragmented. It’s a lot of owner operators. They’re not looking to scale.”

Panda’s first mobile auto detailing truck hit the road in June 2021. Since then, they’ve added 25 franchises and a corporate fleet of 10 trucks.

“We’ve grown to become the biggest brand in Canada,” says Reza.

So what makes Panda different than other car washing and detailing services?

1. They’re more convenient: It doesn’t get much more convenient than having your car cleaned in your own driveway. “A customer can unlock their car from the window and we get to work,” says Reza. “Customers save time since they’re not driving to the location, waiting there for hours and then driving back (and then getting their car dirty again on the drive home).”

2. They’ve harnessed the power of steam technology: Steam is the perfect tool for car washing and detailing, inside and out. It can be used for a wide variety of applications including cleaning leather or fabric seats, door jams, cup holders, dashboards, vents and consoles.

3. They’re more eco-friendly than other car washing and detailing services: They use a fraction of the water. Traditional car washes use 152 litres of water. Panda only uses two litres.

Panda uses professional equipment, the best products, and the most modern processes and techniques. Book a Panda detailing package today!

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