How Panda Hub is Disrupting the Car Wash and Detailing Industry

When you open your car door you are immediately greeted by the all-too-familiar aroma of stale coffee, wet dog and deep fryer oil. You’ve let the smell linger for so long it almost feels normal — like your car is supposed to smell that way.

But have you considered getting it professionally washed and detailed? Have you considered booking an appointment with one of the countless detailing shops near you? Probably not. Though more North Americans than ever are seeking out the services of professional car washers and car detailers, they’re still not doing it often as they’d like (or as often as they should).

Why? Though car detailing technology and techniques have come a long way in the last 10 years, the process has mostly remained stubbornly inconvenient and outdated.

If you want to remove that spilled soft drink goop from your cupholders, zap that milkshake stain from your passenger seat or clean the muddy bootprints from your carpets, you have to commit about five hours of your time, nearly a full work day, to do it.

You need to spend about:

  • 20 minutes to get ready to leave the house
  • 30 minutes battling traffic on your way to the detailing shop
  • 3.5 hours endlessly refilling your styrofoam cup with weak coffee as you wait for your car to be washed and detailed
  • 30 minutes to return home

Who has the time for that?

This is where Panda Hub comes in. The Mississauga-based mobile auto detailing company is disrupting the car wash and detail industry by bringing top-of-the-line detailing services right to customer driveways — meaning you don’t have to leave the house (or lift a finger for that matter) to get your car perfectly cleaned inside and out.

It’s a “no brainer” for customers, says Reza Ahmadi, one of the company’s founders. It all comes down to one big question: “If you want to get your vehicle cleaned, would you rather go wait at a shop for three and a half hours? Or get your vehicle cleaned in your driveway?” he says.

But it’s not just a matter of convenience. Panda Hub has invested thousands of dollars into products and technology to limit their environmental impact. Instead of blasting cars with water, and letting litres and litres of contaminants leak into municipal storm sewers, for example, they have invested in high-powered steam technology that significantly reduces their water usage.

Traditional car washes use an average of about 152 litres of water per wash. Panda Hub uses just two.

They also offer gentle, eco-friendly cleaning packages — perfect for high-end vehicles like Teslas that need to be handled with the utmost care.

Even within the world of mobile auto detailing, Panda Hub are proving themselves to be disruptors, following the lead of companies like Uber that achieved rapid growth by empowering employees.

“Uber came into the (mobility as a service) world and said, “Look, we’re not looking to get rich off one driver. We’re looking for everyone to make money,’” says Reza. “That’s Panda’s approach. Panda franchises are the ones making the money.”

Panda Hub’s goal is for each of its franchises to have five trucks in five years and make $80,000 in year one profits.

Want to see what sets Panda Hub apart from other car washers and detailers? Book an appointment to have your car cleaned and detailed today.

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