Tesla Car Detailing Tips: Wash and Detail Your Tesla Like a Pro

Your Tesla is your baby. You nurture it. You share photos of it with your coworkers. You think about its feelings and make plans for its future.

Sometimes you wonder if your Tesla thinks about you too. “No, of course it doesn’t think about me,” you think. “It’s just a car. A perfect, beautiful car…but does it think about me too?” you still secretly wonder.

The idea of a stranger touching your Tesla somehow feels wrong. The idea of a stranger crawling around the interior, slathering it with unknown chemicals feels straight up felonious.

We totally get it. Teslas are works of art. The air suspension, the video games, the security, the advanced parking sensors, the superchargers. (And the key, don’t even get us started on the key.)

That’s why you can’t just take your Tesla to get washed at any old car cleaning service and you don’t let just anyone detail the interior.

“Everything is different when you talk about Teslas,” says Reza Ahmadi, co-founder of Panda Hub, a rapidly growing player in Canada’s mobile auto detailing space and a favourite among Tesla owners. In just a little over a year, the company has added 25 franchises across Ontario.

Adullah Sharief, the company’s other founder, has heard many stories of Tesla owners taking their cars to detailing shops in Ontario only to discover scratches and damage inflicted upon their vehicle after a cleaning.

“A lot of times when a Tesla owner picks up their car (at other car detailers), they see scratches everywhere,” says Abdullah. “They see the car is not done properly.”

Panda Hub technicians are specially trained when it comes to cleaning and protecting your Tesla.

“We understand the car from bumper to bumper,” says Reza, adding that technicians are trained to know every single sensor and every single camera (and trust us, there are a lot of them).

Panda Hub also uses only eco-friendly products that are gentle on the vegan leather interior (it can get damaged by aggressive chemicals).

Feeling brave and want to clean your car yourself? Here are a few general tips to clean and detail your Tesla like a pro:

  • Spend some time getting to know your Tesla: How well do you truly know your Tesla? Do you know where the cameras and sensors are located? Do you know what products you’ll need to use on the upholstery? This is a Tesla: you’re going to need to give it a little extra attention and care (but that’s why you love it).
  • Hand wash only: You weren’t actually thinking about taking your Tesla to an automated car wash…right? Right!?
  • Rinse immediately and often: Rinse your car before you wash. Wash your vehicle panel by panel, rinsing each section immediately after you’ve cleaned it.
  • Be wary of water: Make sure to dry your Tesla immediately after washing and rinsing. Like the Wicked Witch of the West, Teslas aren’t big fans of water. While water won’t make your Tesla melt, it might cause nasty water spots.
  • Clean the dirtiest areas last: The bottom of your car is naturally going to be the dirtiest. Clean it last to avoid spreading the dirt all over your vehicle.
  • Be gentle: You should be able to avoid scratches by simply letting your wash mitt or cloth glide across the paint instead of scrubbing or using too much force. (Unless, of course, you want to damage the paint job).

Panda Hub understands Tesla owners. Book your perfect Tesla car detailing appointment right in your own driveway today.

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